The Seventh Vault

The Iceman Cometh © Mia Pharaoh 2017


The Seventh Vault
Surveillance: Year Zero

Perhaps it was Napoleonic stance
and posture captured in flawed silhouette:
a luminosity poised before an
aberrant ivory sun. It could have
been, the “poor me” canine tilt of the head,
the well-worn wife beater, yet I think it
was the covert annunciation hat.


Copyright © 2018 Mia Pharaoh. All rights reserved.


27 thoughts on “The Seventh Vault

    1. Thank you, Tim. It was three years ago when we had the most awfully hot summer in a decade or so. I’m pleased that I got the “okay” to post the photo. It was a lark, goofing in the heat, everyone was in wife beaters and the carbonated ICE tea box was a scream as a hat with four sides. No bicorn, yet 2:2. Later, looking at the photos taken that day, “I’ve captured Napoleon Bonaparte.” The poem followed a year later with inspiration from the photo, yet it seemed to have no place on the blog until all of this crazy worldwide nonsense hit the fan.

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    1. Hi Ogden, the photo was taken 3+ years ago. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, and fortunately had my phone handy for the photo of Napoleon in his four sided hat. The poem followed more than a year later with inspiration from the photo. It was a very hot summer and there may have been some afternoon drinking involved. 😉

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      1. I been on a bit of a journey with this one Mia – I googled Wife Beater and came up with a Wife Beater Bar and Grill, Hollywood! I can’t find that link now, so I guess its irrelevant? Good name for a bar adnd grill if it means its better than the wife cooking – still controversial tho!

        I see he’s wearing an ash tray / ice bucket on his head? Do you think it looks a little like a Cardinals hat? (I just googles Cardinals Hat, for the correct name for those square things they sometimes wear & it just showed me a pub with that name!)

        I’m going round in circles, but I like your post and poem – very curious and perceptive! He’s a big fella! 😮 ❤

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        1. Hi Ogden, a wife beater is a sleeveless undershirt. The ICE box does look like a Cardinal’s hat. I was struck with the image of Napoleon Bonaparte due to the hat and the hand. The image reminded me more of a bicorne/bicorn hat because of the width. Funny, well not so funny all associated with bars! As it should be!!! Oh, please don’t go round in circles, the poem has to do with trust and the allusion of trust, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The title = Vault 7 = surveillance and cyber warfare. Year Zero is the first dump of documents. Among other things the V7 document dump alleges the ability of certain agencies to watch and collect information from private citizens without their knowledge or consent. Yummy, how cozy is that? Wishing you a wonderful Friday! XxOo 💖

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          1. Oh yes, I got the Napoleon arm! Ha,ha, very funny, and he does tilt his head, the image says a lot, its a really good one! The tones on his shirt are just great, I don’t think I’d see it so well even I real life – so a very good “capture” Luminous! Yes! 🙂

            I’d not heard of the V7 Document Dump before, they’ll be after Julian Assange for that – I’m hoping he doesn’t get extradited, its a terrible thing the way the governments have behaved 😦


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          2. Thank you, Ogden, so much. I like that, “Luminous”. In the photo I like the glow from Gabriel standing next to faux Napoleon’s right shoulder (out of the view of the lens) creating the lovely shadows. No accountability for poor behavior. XxOo

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    1. JGC, it’s become a very ‘icy’ demeanor imposed upon the will of people when you don’t know who or what to trust, especially when the imposition comes in disguise. Enjoy, if possible, your new Arsenal face mask! Have a good Friday. ~ PM


      1. Odd days, PM. Lockdown ends in a few days. All that means it has a new name ‘3rd. tier’ – even though in this part of the county there’s hardly any virus sufferers. From the Atlantic, frost and low cloud dense fog for the next few days. Then mask art. Mainly old people all masked up like a zombie infection appearing out of the fog in the otherwise empty high street. A couple of street lights that forgot to turn themselves off, not spreading light, just balls of light on a poll. I thought this has to be the best photo I could ever take. And this is the odd bit. I couldn’t be bothered. I’m not depressed or anything, I just couldn’t be bothered. With business dead like it is with anyone working in the arts, I thought I’d spend the rest of the imprisonment on the new PlayStation. No way. They got sold out in seconds, websites crashed. Today is a flat pack desk and a few other things putting them together day for Old Ted. I had a laugh when the thought arrived, ‘Has it come to this’. I should be in a bad mood, but I’m not. I liked your Good Friday line, like I’m going to get crucified in a couple of days – another laugh. I wonder if anyone said that to the Jesus bloke? Brilliant. Enjoy your day ~ JGC

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        1. JGC, thanks for the Good Friday laugh. Much needed. We just entered into another lockdown, though we never came out of the first or second. An endless loop! Maybe we’ve all passed depression right into indifference; I should only speak for myself. I find myself feeling flat, no highs, no lows. I do hope the assembly process for Old Ted went smoothly, and you had all the little pieces needed. ‘Has it come to this’, ha, perhaps so, as least for yesterday, today and tomorrow. We’ve been given 30 days, pretty sure that was a lie. Quite sure it will go well past that, into 2021 through the entire year into 2022. Devine, can’t wait! Please enjoy your weekend. ~ PM

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          1. That’s all true, PM. The feeling of emptiness is everywhere. Here’s a laugh. A mate of mine from a couple of counties away has got the virus. He’s lost all taste and smell – he even had the local Indian send him the hottest curry they could make and he couldn’t taste it – but apart from that he’s OK. The nurse calls him on the phone to check out how he is. He tells her he’s good. She says, “It won’t be long now.” He presumes she’s predicting his death when in fact what she meant was that he could go back to work soon. Have a good day ~ JGC

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          2. That’s a rather encouraging or ominous phrase from the nurse depending how you take it. Thank you for the laugh! Nice to read your mate is on the road to recovery. Have a good day. ~ Mia


  1. A true capture of Napoleon Bonaparte, his hat and look is one I’ve had a few times, usually after a few vodkas 🙂 Really is a great pose & capture! Hope the start of the holiday season is treating you well.


    1. Dear Randall, thank you for such a lovely comment and the smile it brought. 🙂 Likewise, wishing you a beautiful holiday season, I imagine you’ll be experiencing a snowy wonderland. Be well and take good care!


      1. Just flew into Seattle a couple days ago, so while snow will be unlikely here, with Covid running wild, a trip into the Olympic Mnts is likely in the cards…so a wintery wonderland is in the cards 🙂 Wishing you well, Mia, enjoy the season ~ take care.

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