The Seventh Vault

The Iceman Cometh © Mia Pharaoh 2017


The Seventh Vault
Surveillance: Year Zero

Perhaps it was Napoleonic stance
and posture captured in flawed silhouette:
a luminosity poised before an
aberrant ivory sun. It could have
been, the “poor me” canine tilt of the head,
the well-worn wife beater, yet I think it
was the covert annunciation hat.


Copyright © 2018 Mia Pharaoh. All rights reserved.


Was Mad Max Mad?

Are we looking to Bartertown and a methane-based energy economy?
Where is the madness in a post-apocalyptic world?

Maybe it will be found on an image crystal.
Who is your dead crush?

All beacons:
Lee Miller, Anne Boleyn and Sylvia Plath.