12 thoughts on ““Portrait of Mia”, by Artist Ted Giffin www.tedgiffin.com

  1. Hi Mia. In reply to your the latest comment, your response to my comment did show up on the drop-down notifier. I did try to press Like but it didn’t lock. It seems that comments work okay in pictures. 🙂 ❤


      1. I tried to send my previous via the drop-down notifier, but it did not want to send. So I copied it, visited the painting page and after pasting my words in comments, it worked. Oh, we do have fun with WordPress, don’t we Mia ? 🙂 ❤


        1. WordPress certainly keeps us on our toes. Ralph, you’re the first to leave a comment on an image which is very cool. Perhaps the WP software is not that sophisticated or doesn’t have the proper coding to service the comments on images the way we are used to. Just a thought. I hope you’ve had a lovely day so far. 🙂 ❤


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