Blind Orchid

Photographer — Katie Eleanor


Blind Orchid
100 Words

I am forever young and forever old, from everywhere and from nowhere, memories muddled and memories clear: so many and yet all too few. Yesterday, indiscernible from today or tomorrow, for where there is no time, there is no matter. I am akin to some wild thing that comes into bloom but once a year, hidden deep within the Woods of the Wounded Sparrow. The cruel irony, partners: decay and decadence, dance in frenzied quickstep to Rimsky-Korsakov’s, “Flight of the Bumblebee”, while onlookers: the moon and stars, rule over my endurance, I long to be found, recognized, yet not saved.


“I am a collection of dismantled almosts.”
― Anne Sexton, Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters

Video – The poem, “
I Am, written by John Clare, read by Tom O’Bedlam.

Music — “Flight of the Bumblebee”, by Rimsky-Korsakov.        *           *            *


Half Nelson

Call Of Duty  — Artist Mitch Griffiths


Half Nelson

He was the unknowable
He was the ever shallow pool of liquid amber
He was the clink of ice, the red booths
He was the motels, the Murphy beds, the naps
He was the driver, never the talker
He was the ageless, the timeless
He was the smoothness of face, for it never moved
He was the invisible, yet he was the visible
He was the walking wounded
He was the wakeful dead


“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
― G.K. Chesterton                                                                                                        

Video — “Mitch Griffiths, The Promised Land                                                      Frail

Original Post July 18, 2016