20 thoughts on “Is it the Message or the Messenger?

  1. Sounds like he’s talking “truth to power” Thats not a bad thing as I see it – why does Bosnia matter more than Haiti? Is it because Haiti is the back door for powerful exploitive US interests? While Bosnia is more the battleground of superpowers? The former Yugoslavia was in a permanent tug of war between east & west, it did well out of it, playing the two superpowers off against each other. When Yugoslavia (and communist USSR) collapsed, chaos ensued. Haiti seems to be just some place where cheap labour can be found, thats not changed for decades, thats how I see it. My question is, will Biden challenge this, or will he just continue it? I doubt he cares about the colour of skin, so much as the price of control – who will save Haiti? No one – no one cares about Haiti, its fine as it is, like China, its cheap and cheerful, are we going to nuke anyone? Hopefully not!

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    1. Hi Ogden, thank you for sharing your thoughts and great questions. I’m not sure about the “truth to power”, I took it more as a gaffe that presented itself as a “threat of power versus indifference”. The war crimes of the early 90’s are hard to look at, yet we must. Another war crimes indictment has come down as of late too. Very sad that Haiti is perceived that way, cheap labor. Will Joe challenge this, we’ll see, he hasn’t been forthcoming with his plan/plans, not answering direct questions. I’m not too sure about the cheerfulness of Haiti and China, let’s hope for no nukes! 😉

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      1. Its a crazy world, and its not about to get much better I don’t think!
        I wasn’t aware of the whole debate about Haiti + the Clinton foundation, sounds like something which may well embarrass them from what little research I just did. Here’s the thing – we haven’t seen much real change in how rigged politics is in the last 3 decades, corruption has become endemic. I been watching this thing on TV called Enlightened, in which Laura Dern plays the part of a disillusioned worker trying to instigate change, fight corruption and so on, and is forever pushed back, ignored and ridiculed – that is so like what I see from local politics where I work, sub contracts and incestuous deals are regarded as good business, its public money – even peoples health is sold off – their own money used against them! And people actually vote to keep those cheating liars in office, better the devil you know – we need stability and growth, so what if someone else dies as long as its not my turn? Its every man for himself, yada yada, can’t believe in anything else, too dangerous, environment doesn’t matter, its fake news anyhow!
        Oh yeah, Haiti, I just think Biden was saying in the clip, its not in American interests to put Haiti before America, (well its not is it?) And he’s just saying its not a race issue, that he listens to the concerns of Bosnians over Haitians, its to do with the strategic plan, nuclear powers and all that.
        For any politician anywhere in the world, the first concern is to look after its own citizens – its a tough world.
        I don’t believe its a gaffe! Its capitalism, its the only game in town!

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        1. Hi Ogden, corruption seems to be the norm for those that can see it. Why do these criminals stay in elected office? Hmm, maybe back scratching, bribes, payouts and blackmail. The Devil you know just keeps you placed, no movement, no improvement and no prosperity. Yes, exactly, ideally elected officials should look after their own citizens, not look after lining their own pockets. Watch the red bounce ball, keep watching. 😉

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          1. Maybe we should get rid of them all and just get some robots, with a pre planned set of rules, but then I suppose we’d be looking to change those every few months? I do wis I could ignore politics, but that seems impossible for me!

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    1. Hi David, thank you for the throw back to Cuba. Scuba Diver Guevara has been on my mind often for over three weeks now. Odd and fascinating the things we are blessed to C-sea-see.


    1. Thanks George, just another finger in the dyke. In no way was this a hot mic moment, however, it sure felt like one. Insert wow here: “WOW”. When you mentioned Pink Floyd I immediately thought of “Money”. Thank you for watching the video. Have a good Wednesday! ~ Mia

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  2. There’s 47 years of his atrocious record as a ‘public servant’, yet the media continues to ignore it. It’s truly a sad day when an ‘independent’ media has taken sides and has become Pravda. I’m reminded of Bowie once again from “Cygnet Committee”:

    And I open my eyes to look around
    And I see a child laid slain
    On the ground
    As a love machine lumbers through desolation rows
    Plowing down man, woman, listening to its command
    But not hearing anymore
    Not hearing anymore

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    1. Hi Rob, thank you for an insightful and heartfelt comment. I find so much irony in this 45 second clip. Self-serving indeed, no stewardship, no loyalty to an oath taken. Pravda yes! The US started knitting and spinning with a blinding airborne disease, Hearst’s Yellow journalism, both well-oiled propaganda machines. Interesting the moving picture comes into play too, Gangster-wood. All things come full circle, was Bosnia the boot in the doorjamb to capitalize on any or all Slavic Nations, to a tune of $your best guess and counting for the Biden Friends and Family Plan? More so, what a despicable thing to say about Haiti, but wait good new, as with all things, again the “Law of Full Circle” brings forward more crimes against humanity and more to be exposed, more tribunals the likes of Bosnia (Nuremberg, BC should have been tried too) while the Bloodsucking Cash-cow Foundation neglected to do its due diligence with the purposeful donations for and in Haiti, leaving human beings without the most basic of needs, not to mention the unmentionables. I look forward to more declassification of information and accountability (possibly The Hague). As for justice, I don’t know, justice won’t raise the dead. Recognition of injustice is what I’m hoping for.

      I do love the Bowie reference, “Cygnet Committee”, most, most appropriate! Criminal how the machine treats its parts!

      Thank you again, Rob!

      Side note: More problems for BC (June 25, 2020), headline reads, “Kosovo President Hashim Thaci Indicted on War Crimes Charges.”


  3. Politics can be such a destructive force ~ governments only interested in another country if they either fill an agenda or can be exploited in some manner. As we see domestically in the USA, substitute the word “people” instead of “country” and you get the same thing…
    Hope you are having a good day/week, Mia. Take care ~ and happy to see you posting again 🙂

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    1. Hi Randall, I agree the political machine can be a destructive force, then I remind myself it is made up of people, just people, just people like you, just people like me, just like the people they exploit. Thank you for the kind wishes, likewise, please enjoy the rest of your week, take good care!

      “I really don’t know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea, except I think it’s because in addition to the fact that the sea changes, and the light changes, and ships change, it’s because we all came from the sea. And it is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came.”
      — John F. Kennedy, Remarks at the Dinner for the America’s Cup Crews, September 14 1962


      1. Thank you, Mia, great quote ~ words from the type of leader we need globally. Someone with empathy and who understands we are all similar and thus the need to be treated equally 🙂

        And how I love the sea! Have you ever seen the movie “All Is Lost”? It mirrors my dream of when I am old to just get out on the sea…and take what comes my way.

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        1. Randall, that quote is ever present, I think of it often. Water is very significant in my life, a conduit. I haven’t seen the movie, I will attempt to watch it sometime over the next several days, thank you for sharing. Enjoy all the days between now and when you make your way to the sea. 🙂


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