16 thoughts on “A Gilded Cage: Atomic Number 77

  1. Wow, some of the biggest things that really matter, are a total mystery to me! I never even heard of the name Thales Alenia – it does seem kind of like Skynet, in terms of obscurity – there’s another of those stories that like Orwell seem to force the future!

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  2. This video, voice, and content is something out of sci-fi horror film…which makes it something that is pretty 2020 the way things are going 🙂 Wishing you well, Mia – enjoy having you post more often.

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    1. Hi Randall. I think the video has a very Disney PeopleMover vibe to it. If I didn’t know better it would go into the propaganda round file. The implications are frightening, with a mixture of varying intents. The rabbit hole is a deep one. Likewise, wishing you well too! ~ Mia 🙂


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