Was Mad Max Mad?

Are we looking to Bartertown and a methane-based energy economy?
Where is the madness in a post-apocalyptic world?

Maybe it will be found on an image crystal.
Who is your dead crush?

All beacons:
Lee Miller, Anne Boleyn and Sylvia Plath.


35 thoughts on “Was Mad Max Mad?

    1. Thank you, Tim. I like alt-J a lot and this music video really captured my mood and thoughts of late. Plus I have a real fondness for Lee Miller and Sylvia Plath. Anne Boleyn just got in over her head, still a beacon. This world is wobbling out of control with a tainted madness, leaving us all mad and madder than ever before.

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    1. JGC, thank you, “Deadhcrush” does send a mixed message, and I love it. The unraveling is sublime (well, for me); the visual holds hands beautifully with the audio. In fact the visual is brilliant, just brilliant. Clever spin on a post-apocalyptic existence (if one really were to exist, I believe it would be brutal). Just like the drycleaners garment conveyor the optic lenses (crystals) are on a huge track and the robotic hand removes the one labeled: L. Miller with a numeric ID and sets it spinning along with the lenses of Anne Boleyn and Sylvia Plath. Like a movie theatre, the light is coming from the projection room and below these three beacons (of light) come to life spinning like the crystals themselves, eventually but briefly taking back their identities which are short lived. Sad at the end when as the crystals start to wobble and fall, I believe Lee Miller realizes it’s over, and she sees her own end. I find this music video is it in keeping with the way we are living these days, I’m not a happy camper. ~ PM

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      1. I reckon life is like being in a star ship lost in deepest space knowing that the others are out there somewhere ready to attack, PM. I’ve been to Hever Castle where Ann Boleyn lived. It doesn’t look like a castle, but it is an amazing place. Don’t let the ‘others’ get near. Enjoy your day ~ JGC

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        1. JGC, I had a look at Hever Castle. The photos of course are beautiful. It’s looks huge, although maybe not for a castle-castle. We’re in lock down with a new curfew in place, I don’t imagine anyone will be getting near as of yet. The others are out there, currently quietly waiting for the signal. Thank you for the wishes, enjoy the rest of your Monday! ~ PM

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          1. ‘Currently quietly waiting for the signal’ – not good. We’re in total lockdown but no civil war worries, yet. Guitar Old Ted – nice bloke, Latin master – from France is quarantining here pending moving into his new English home desperate to move but fearful to leave the house even though there’s not a thing wrong with him. ‘Law’ is his enemy – George

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          2. It is a bit odd, PM. Old Ted has to buy a whole set of furniture+ in the UK because the removal company can’t go over to his French place because if they did it’s 14 days quarantine each way – now that is proper madness. They could guarantee they wouldn’t meet people either side but that apparently isn’t good enough. A weird world we live in. To stop him going mad we play chess, I’m 3-2 up right now. Enjoy your day ~ JGC

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          3. Perfect term, “proper madness”. Unbelievable, yet very believable in these days of ours. Further wounding of the wounded, a knot that refuses to be untangled. Keep on with the playing of chess. Thank you, enjoy the rest of your day too! ~ PM

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          4. It gets worse, like an old fashioned rubbish TV comedy, PM. With all the shops etc. shut down apart from chemists and food outlets, Old Ted is having to buy his furniture etc. online. The thing is he hasn’t used his cards in England for 15 years. The bank blocked his first purchase. Old Ted was good with that. After 2 hours waiting on the phone his bank told him not only had the blocked the deal but had also block his entire bank account – a disaster for a bloke who has more money than I’ll ever likely know. After a stressful row he got that sorted. Then it happened again on his next purchase and his next and so on. On top of that, my old man – given he hasn’t spent money on any visits to France this year – decided he would buy a couple of ultra HD TV’s – one of them for me as a Christmas present – result! Black Friday bargains. His bank did the same to him. He also had to wait for the telephone to be answered by his bank for well over an hour. He was using their emergency phone number at a cost. When he did get through to the bank one of the security questions they asked him was ‘May I ask why you want two TV’s?’ Having an interest in the matter I was there listening in when he answered, ‘No’. Then there’s long long silence as the girl at the bank waited for him to add to ‘no’, which he didn’t. Then it all went insane as a classic verbal fight took place. Bad words. It seems all sorted now. TV’s got delivered, Old Ted’s stuff as well, but the both of them stressed out and losing the will to live. Since then I understand this is happening to so many people in the UK who are just trying to buy stuff. It’s like there’s a body of people out there thinking they can control the lives of normal people who have done nothing wrong. Have a great day ~ JGC

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          5. JGC, it is all very surreal-real. The biggest unnatural ploy to denigrate and dehumanize the individual has been unleashed worldwide, the genocide of the common man. Wait until the masks cover the entire face, it will be needed after the crushing stomp of the Jack Boot in the face. Apologies for the fatal nature of my reply, but how could it be anything else? I am pleased to read that things worked out with the banking and online purchases for Old Ted and your old man. Thank you, wishing you the same, please find the joy in the smallest of things. ~ PM

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          6. For some reason I keep hearing Dylan’s ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’ playing in my head – I’d not realised how brilliant it was before. It sort of captures these times ~ JGC

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  1. Another great introduction from you, Mia ~ thank you. While crushing on many great past artists, I’d say recently I’ve been crushing hard for James A. Garfield, leadership and human traits that have all but disappeared in politics… Wishing you a nice beginning to the week and, gasp, the holiday season 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Randall, and you’re most welcome. I haven’t quite identified my crush yet, leaning towards a giant of science. James A. Garfield must have been doing something very right to meet his demise the way he did, do you think one of his attending physicians twisted the knife in the wound? Where have all the admirable traits gone? Likewise, wishing you a lovely week ahead, and a Happy Holiday Season. 🙂


  2. The madness is coming on strong on the streets! It does look a bit like Bartertown, with all the talk of carbon credit exchange – Max was Mad from the first movie, when his wife got killed by even madder bikers! LOL The later films just went madder with every edition, Tina Turner looked good, and that crazy guy in the autogyro! I love Autogyros!
    Very strange and alluring song Mia, hope your Sunday is good! Xx

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    1. Here too! It doesn’t look like Bartertown yet. I adore Mad Max, Mel was great in the role. You know I like helicopters, I could build an autogyro at home if I were so inclined. “Deadcrush” is rather hypnotic, glad you liked it! I hope you had a good weekend, wishing you a fabulous Money Monday or will it be a Money Tuesday? XXOO

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  3. Did you ever stand dominoes on end in a line? Tip over the first and they start to fall one by one. Everyone and everything are somewhere in that line, and the first domino has fallen. It is only a question of what falls next when. I may be ordering ice-cream on the Titanic. I’m worried now but I probably won’t be worried long. 😺😺😺

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      1. He who fights monsters

        I won’t survive this dark night’s lunacy.
        Waves smash against the fortress of my mind
        with an endless ebb and flow of misery—
        I’m drowning in a Labyrinth I designed.

        No compass, satnav, Valium can save
        me here, where even stars are scared to shine.
        To a shifting siren’s song I am enslaved,
        drawn down beyond the high-tide line.

        Battered by winds strong as Minotaurs
        my hull is breached beyond my skill to caulk.
        I drift on wings of wax, then on all fours
        crash land where none but monsters walk.

        Light glints on broken glass, at last I see!
        There’s no abyss but this one in me.

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