24 thoughts on “Jackboot Division

          1. Good question. Oannes was calling the powers that be “scum”. As I mentioned scum always rises to the top, so there seems to be a sameness in that sense.

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  1. I know very little of this subject, hence I’ve yet to explore the concept, or indeed the actuality of a Fourth Reich in the US. The spine of most of my recent tomes, such as they are, focus upon WW2 in Europe and the dreaded Third Reich. The video on your blogpost is one that is unavailable in the UK. I’d be keen to know the video’s source in order to find an equivalent in these parts should you get a chance, Mia. My thanks, The Old Fool

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    1. The clip is from the movie, “The Pianist”, the scene is called “Identity Card”. Great movie if you haven’t seen it, an adaptation of the autobiography “The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945”. If the links below don’t work, you can most likely find it on YT, The Pianist, Identity Card.


      WW2 and the Nazi Party surely attract a great fascination. Is the Nazi Party very much alive and doing what they do best?

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        1. The movie is a favorite of mine and makes my top ten list. A good film is a great get away, even if it’s not happy and uplifting. Bojana, I fear the cause/causes of this global mess we now have goes far beyond what we can even imagine.

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          1. I do too. I’m pissed and it breaks my heart at the same time.

            Btw, I see we love the same kind of movies – heartfelt and engaging. So here’s my next recommendation, sth I recently watched:

            Beanpole, about 1945 Leningrad and an attempt to find meaning in a meaningless world.

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          2. Thank you, Bojana! I was hoping you would send me another recommendation. How perfect, “attempt to find meaning in a meaningless world”. I will for sure let you know once I’ve watched it. This is a good diversion for me, I’m a news junky and most of the time it’s overwhelming for multiple reasons. Wishing you a wonderful Friday!

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        2. I think that you’re correct, but I also think that it’s a reaction to the lawlessness of BLM and ANTIFA, coupled with the feckless response to last years riots by law enforcement.

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      1. ‘The Pianist’ I know well, Mia. An ever so important movie akin to ‘The Pawnbroker’, a film I watched aged 14 years. It changed my way of thinking for the better, for forever, only to be reinforced four decades later when The Pianist was released. Does history repeat itself? Generally it does. So, now I’m thinking worse Fourth Reich scenario. Democracy in its death throes, a Trump-esque wins an election. With support from the right-wing military and the police force along with a newly formed Gestapo equivalent assortment of rednecks comes a latter day ‘Night of the Long Knives’, and the impossible becomes actual. First US invades Canada and Mexico, yet only when they take Cuba does it all go horribly wrong. Both Russia and China don’t take it too kindly. The rest doesn’t bare thinking about. ‘Tis clear my unfortunate train of thought is based on conjecture rather than knowledge. My sincere apologies for this bleak reply. Regards, The Old Fool

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        1. Dear Mike, I think the “Gestapo equivalent” has been in the making for a very long time, perhaps long before the Gestapo. We have an SS derivative flooding the U.S. currently. Thank you, I’ve bookmarked the “The Pawnbroker” I’ve never seen it and I am looking forward to sitting down and watching it. As things continue to turn themselves inside-out, it makes me wonder about the Emerald Tablet: As above, so below. Sadly, red wine doesn’t stop the the unease or the dreams.

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          1. I really shouldn’t have got in the cinema to watch The Pawnbroker. I was underaged yet tall enough to get away with it. I thought it would be a stereotypical schoolboy war movie. In the event it was big screen dark enlightenment. If you’ve never come across it, there is a book ‘Suite Française’ by Irène Némirovsky that once broke my heart yet made me stronger. Ms. Némirovsky, to me was one special lady. I have all her books. Below a link to Goggle that provides a worthy glimpse of who she was. Regards, The Old Fool

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          2. Thank you for the link to Irène Némirovsky, thankfully for us her daughters knew what to take with them. I have ‘Suite Française’ here. Not sure why I put it down, maybe just not ready for the pain. It’s sitting beside me now, ready to be resumed, thank you, Mike!

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          3. I’m so pleased you have the book, Mia. A worthy read when the time is right. Irene wasn’t afforded a headstone, hence her books keep her memory alive. While on the subject of Irene, and much to my anger, on YouTube there is a simple, short, yet informative video re Irene. It’s worth a view. However, having viewed it myself just yesterday I noted that there are 8 ‘dislikes’. It may not be the best video put together yet I see no logical reason for the ‘dislikes’…unless, of course, the viewer is anti-Sematic. These are the times I loath humanity. Below the link;

            Have a splendid weekend. Regards, The Old Fool

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