10 thoughts on “Pittura Infamante

  1. He’s an interesting artist, Mia. I think this number is from The Drift album. There is another surreal album called Tilt. If you don’t know it already, its worth a listen. I think only he knows what he’s trying to achieve. I like that idea ~ George

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    1. Hi George, yes, it’s a trilogy of albums, Tilt, The Drift and Bish Bosch by Scott Walker. The Drift maybe the darkest of the three. “Clara” tells the story of Clara Petacci’s death and her relationship with the fascist dictator Mussolini, she was his mistress. I was hopeful the title and the tags would be of help. This is truly a tragic story of choice. Walker does a marvelous job creating those moments leading up to her end and after the end.

      The corpses of Bombacci, Mussolini, Clara Petacci, Pavolini and Starace in Piazzale Loreto, 1945

      Title: Pittura Infamante, meaning: Infamous painting. It can be used for traitors, etc. Here’s the wiki link if you’re curious, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pittura_infamante

      Preparatory drawings for pittura infamante by Andrea del Sarto

      “Singer/songwriters – mainly – write songs that are sad, close to romantic but not quite there, or reflective of society getting everything wrong, like watching the planet die and doing nothing about it. Love, loss and lunacy. . .” Thank you, I feel that Walker captured all of this in Clara.

      I hope you have a chance to view the video again with the history in mind. Wishing you well. ~ Mia

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      1. Thanks for telling me that, Mia. I’ll get the headphones on and give it another listen. I really don’t know a lot about Scott Walker. Somewhere in a box in an attic where the old CD’s live is the Tilt album. I only ever listened to it a couple of times. It always seemed to me that he was composing for himself – like he was lost to the world. That’s not a bad thing. While I’m writing this it occurred to me that if cats and dogs wrote music, the cats would write the clever surreal stuff for themselves and the dogs would knockout the commercial hits. I don’t know if that’s a good analogy. The only album of his I’m familiar with is the one where he sings the most popular translated songs of Jacques Brel. That one’s a bit special, it has If You Go Away and The Port of Amsterdam on it. Anyway, I shall listen and learn. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend ~ George

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        1. Hi George, you’re most welcome. I think with the history and background information the experience is greatly enhanced. The second voice, as Clara, gives it such an eerie and other worldly quality. I personally like listening while watching video, maybe because I’m so visual. The opening, with the door opening, the water running etc. is remarkable. I hear something new every time I listen to this track. Oh well then, if you were to ask me, Walker is/was definitely a cat. Thank you for the kind wishes, enjoy the week ahead. ~ Mia

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