12 thoughts on “Heavy Water: The Horizontal Red Line

      1. Its difficult to gauge the shock of the atom bomb, we lived with it for 70 years now, it must have seemed barbaric back then, nowadays, its almost crept back on the table – its even weirder to be alive now than it was then! 😮

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        1. Don’t you find/think that so many things have been weaponized? That seems to be the word of the day, “weaponized”. Odd. What about the use of DEW – Direct Energy Weapons, oh wait, the media says these ideas are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Pardon me, forget I said that! 😉

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  1. The past can teach us much, perhaps none as important as the fact that humans being humans, have the ability to take identical facts and have two groups seamlessly arrive at contradictory conclusions. The horror being the absolute belief both sides have in their conclusion, and the extremes they will do to protect such “beliefs”.

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