“NEVER AGAIN” are just words.

China forcefully harvests organs from detainees, tribunal concludes

June 18, 2019, 6:47 AM PDT
By Saphora Smith

LONDON — The organs of members of marginalized groups detained in Chinese prison camps are being forcefully harvested — sometimes when patients are still alive, an international tribunal sitting in London has concluded.

Some of the more than 1.5 million detainees in Chinese prison camps are being killed for their organs to serve a booming transplant trade that is worth some $1 billion a year, concluded the China Tribunal, an independent body tasked with investigating organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in the authoritarian state.

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18 thoughts on ““NEVER AGAIN” are just words.

    1. Truly shocking and heartbreaking. Several months ago I started to research the Falun Gong and discovered all sorts of things. It’s becoming harder and harder to discern fact from fiction, truth from propaganda. Still, these atrocities are very real, and I think the “$1 billion a year” stated is grossly under estimated.

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          1. The exhibition was extraordinary, really desperate – all these rainbows one minute, the next drawings of hell – tailors dummies with the guts ripped out, representing those who had their organs harvested. It was horrifying! All quite amateurish, but you got the message – I looked into it quite a few times since, I’m still in shock about it!

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    1. I am at a loss. I suppose it’s true from the sources I read and have read, the harvesting is done while awake, no sort of sedation, and with no mercy. Seeing it in writing validates! Thank you David.

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  1. The condition of the human condition is to often unimaginable and so appalling. Yet it seems so common place. When so many of the mouthpieces of our society make criminals into heroes, they lose any sense of goodness, they have no empathy, and their ersatz compassion is truly a travesty. Atrocities are inconvenient, but necessary in their twisted worldview.

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    1. Thank you, Tim. I so appreciate your comment and your insights suggesting an intentional plague of misinformation, crimes against humanity and the normalization of all things questionable. I ask myself is this a “practice of conditioning” molding our minds to accept the unacceptable? It’s in our face all the time. If we follow history (that has not been sanitized) backwards into the past we will catch up a group of families (some are known by name and some are not) that betrayed their own, betrayed their countries, betrayed the integrity of humanity for the ultimate aphrodisiac: power. I best stop here. Thank you again!

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      1. I remember a discussion with a PhD student back in the late 80s or early 90s. She was an extreme leftist who was working towards the complete dominance of the media and public information, especially the media and information used in public schools. She did not try to hide the fact that to get people to agree with her twisted world view required a constant stream of propaganda in the information people consumed and censorship of dissenting points-of-view.


    1. George, what a line, “Human farmers farming humans.” Four words say it all, it’s left me thinking for a long time, and the images are rather grisly. Conjures up images of Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death.

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      1. I think the vid captured all of history in one go, Mia. A punch in the guts to all of us who want to change things but either don’t know how or don’t have the power to make it all better than before. I watched it twice to make sure it was real ~ George

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