Swan, 2017 — Louis Carreon



You enticed with your light
Refused capture in silhouette
Front and center, full throttle
Even the pitch-black feared
The luminescent evil you exuded
Your siren pose
Plié between 3rd and 4th
Positioned your patrons perfectly
Your featureless face
Twisted smile of demeanor:
Paris under the occupation
Cruel tilt to a coveted almond shape
The pulp, bitter and biting
Hid your two left feet well
As it did your religion
Your own form of high yellow:
The Gentile Ashkenazi
You, Eva Braun and Stella Kübler
Kissing cousins
Thought no one would know
The repulsion of caustic betrayal


“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”
— Arthur Miller

Marlon Brando – “Paul Monologue Last Tango in Paris


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Image from the movie poster, Brando


3 Day Quote Challenge — No. 2 

“Regret is useless in life. It’s in the past. All we have is now.”
— Marlon Brando

“Contrition” is my second post of the 3 Day Quote Challenge.  My invitation came from Staci at A God Colored Girl in a Grey World.  Please giver her a visit, her thought-provoking posts will not disappoint.  Thank you Staci, I’m really enjoying this!  Please find the rules for the challenge below the video.

For me there has always been something very sad and unsettling about this quote. I think it’s because it’s attributed to Marlon Brando. Undeniably his life was full of much turmoil and many regrets. We see this so clearly in his portrayal of Paul in the movie, The Last Tango in Paris.  It’s my belief this is the greatest movie of his career, because it’s not role for him, Brando is Paul. This is not a film purely about sexual brutality, it’s a gut-wrenching film about emotional vulnerability, self-loathing, despair, mistakes and regrets.

An excerpt from Brando’s memoir, “When Last Tango in Paris was finished, I decided that I wasn’t ever again going to destroy myself emotionally to make a movie. I felt I had violated my innermost self and didn’t want to suffer like that anymore…”     Deprive

Video — “Last Tango in Paris — Paul’s Past”

3 Day Quote Challenge Rules

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Do you have any favorite quotes?  My invitation is open to everyone, so if this sounds appealing to you, please give it a go and have fun with the challenge.

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