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Finally revived
From your half-truths

Lies: sins of omissions
You took my breath away
Laid me to rest
While Lying in Wait — four days
I traveled to Nain
Bethany and Galilee too
Cruel is the beautiful ugly man
Whose façade got wet
Exposing the bone


“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.”
― Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin)

Jewel – “Who Will Save Your Soul

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Staring Into The Sun — Photograph by Mia Pharaoh


10 Words Only

Understanding allure, it’s no wonder Icarus flew towards the sun.


“To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Triumph”

By Anne Sexton

Consider Icarus, pasting those sticky wings on,
testing that strange little tug at his shoulder blade,
and think of that first flawless moment over the lawn
of the labyrinth. Think of the difference it made!
There below are the trees, as awkward as camels;
and here are the shocked starlings pumping past
and think of innocent Icarus who is doing quite well.
Larger than a sail, over the fog and the blast
of the plushy ocean, he goes. Admire his wings!
Feel the fire at his neck and see how casually
he glances up and is caught, wondrously tunneling
into that hot eye. Who cares that he fell back to the sea?
See him acclaiming the sun and come plunging down
while his sensible daddy goes straight into town.

Trace Elements

The Letters — Photograph by Mia Pharaoh


Trace  Elements


“If we look long and hard enough into the mirror, we’ll see the ghosts that our memories keep alive. After all, we’re just ghosts here too, noting more, nothing less. Do the memories that haunt us always boil down to a matter of benevolence? I think not.”
— June Gloom, The Gray Zone

Oskar Schuster – “Les Sablons”                        
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The Pajamas — Photograph by Mia Pharaoh



Standing at the furthest edge of night
Eyes searched for a crack in the sky
Other side: Heaven
While God looked on
The shallow dug their own graves
Cowards took the easy way
Bullets and Cyanide

Was the race won, or was it the war?


“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
― Elie Wiesel

Video — “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas | Final Scene Rescore

Turn Of The Screw

Lose Screws  — Photograph by Mia Pharaoh


Turn Of The Screw
100 Words Only
Blogger on Blogger Bashing

“Come on let’s kick it up a notch. Tighter, is that good? We’ve had plenty of pleasure, now how about a little pain between friends; it’s all about balance. Remember what they say about pain, no pain, no gain. While we wait for the onset of discomfort and bad feelings to take hold, we can guzzle plenty of water, scoring big time on Hydrogen, making like the perfect fractal finding our way to infinity and back, let’s do the math. If you’re not up for that, we can always put on our foil hats, meditate and hope to reach Nirvana.”
— June Gloom, The Gray Zone

Nirvana – “Heart Shaped Box”                        
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