Rambling Man – Laura Marling

Often there’s a beautiful darkness found in the truth of things.



36 thoughts on “Rambling Man – Laura Marling

    1. George, thank you for introducing me to Laura Marling and this song in particular. It so matches my mood and feelings about many things. The truths found in darkness don’t have to be ugly or scary although at times they are, they can be heartfelt, bittersweet and beautiful. Well, that’s just my spin on things. Thank you for dropping in the UK link, now others can watch and listen. Surprise, it doesn’t allow me to view the UK version. Wishing you a ‘creative’ and ‘stay-warm’ Saturday.

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      1. PM, I’ll say the same thanks for the Lola Marsh music. Another album without a single bad track in it. Random line to add to the lyric, somehow, ‘Darkness is a feeling’. Another definition? I think so. You ought to write the book, ‘The Art of Darkness’. Laura Marling’s ‘Hope in the Air’ has the same sort of darkness. To say it’s cold here doesn’t do it justice. The Arsenal are about to kick-off and I’ve got to find a live stream to watch the game. Enjoy the day ~ JGC

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        1. I’m so pleased Lola Marsh was a hit with you. Thanks for the confidence in the writing of a book, who knows. That’s great if you can add it to the lyric. Do your best to stay warm, enjoy the game, wishing your team a win. ~ PM


        2. JGC, I spent some time with ‘Hope in the Air’ late this afternoon. Gorgeous and brutally sad. The tragic lyric seems to based on the relationship between Cordelia and her Father King Lear (Shakespeare), making the song even more meaningful. Thank you!

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          1. Thanks for that. I had no idea. Here’s a link – terrible live sound quality – of Laura at about 17 years with Noah and the Whale. Even on this her voice comes through;

            – George Saturday

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          2. Thinking about it that would be unique. Charlie Fink wrote this song not long after Laura had split. Her take on the song that was about her would either work brilliantly or not. It worked. After she wrote Rambling Man they had a battle of words. In ‘Rambling Man’ she writes, ‘Let it always be known I was who I am’ he replied in his song from The First Days of Spring Album called ‘Slow Glass’, ‘Well I heard you been singing, Well I was, what I am, Well I never tried to change you, honey I’m your biggest fan’. It’s a bit like a social media row, which is a shame. Should people row in public like that? I don’t know but it makes good art this time. I like this live version of ‘Slow Glass’ a great version of ‘Blue Skies’ follows this number;

            Enjoy the rest of the day ~ George Saturday

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          3. Pain always makes good/excellent art. Thank you for, ‘Slow Glass’, it’s gorgeous and heartbreaking. I was very disappointed ‘Blue Skies’ didn’t follow, instead it was something like Google Earth’s most remarkable finds. Please send me the link to the great version of ‘Blue Skies’. George Saturday, please have a super and creative week! ~ Monday-Monday

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          4. This is the closest I can get with ‘Blue Skies’ – it’s a really good acoustic version, in some ways better than the album version. The whole album is brilliant, it has a lot of short instrumentals that help the feel of the whole piece, like a concept album should have. I think it just about qualifies as a concept album. Have a great day ~ George Saturday (this is becoming a new alter ego threatening Zoolon). A random thought – it makes me feel like a postman. Odd.

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          5. Apologies for my late reply, I wanted to listen to the entire album, and then listen to the acoustic version of the songs. What a heartbreaking and fantastic album, ‘My Door is Always Open’ really got to me. All of the songs are steeped in the pain of a broken heart, and by the way, congratulations of the release of you latest album. I’ve been enjoying it; I haven’t decided on a favorite track, not yet. Super album, George Saturday!


      1. Yes, I like her too, but it was Kris Kristofferson that drew me in that time! I bought that and Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, both had a wonderfully 70s vibe! For some nostalgia, Kristofferson just seemed like the missing link! 😎🤩 Hope your weekend is good for you Mia ❤️ xx

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        1. Kris Kristofferson has had a busy film career. I don’t know why, I liked him in the Blade movies, odd. Even odder that I liked the Blade movies. 🙂 The start of the weekend has been good, the rain just arrived, and as you know, ‘it never rains in Southern California’. Not true it does, just not that often. Ogden, stay warm! 💗 xx

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          1. Kris Kristophersons moustache defines everything the 70’s stood for, in a perfect world he’d have been in every film made throughout the decade – remember, without Kristopherson there would have been no Magnum in the 80s!

            It’s ok to like Blade movies! Just secretly, between you & I 🦇

            It’s cold here, and I have a cold too! Worst for years, there’s a terrible bug going round 😫😪🤤xx

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          2. I always thought of him as a 70s moustache with a guy attached, but now looking at pictures I see he was bearded, and I hardly noticed! He’s a bit like Donald Sutherland I think but more for the working class, but not in a bad way really, both were role models I should think, while stars like Jack Nicholson were more what you oughtn’t to become, re: the Shinning etc 😅😆xx

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