56 thoughts on “Stay Human

  1. Excellent, Mia. We have a family saying about “Made by starving eight year old prostitute slaves.” I don’t believe I have ever owned a Nike product. But then again, I use Apple products and Apple’s been accused of running sweatshops.

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  2. Love this pic and statement Mia! Just the Nike bit makes me think of Trump, and I find him a bit gross, so thats kind of bad after taste for me – I don’t buy Nike or any branded stuff much, I prefer to be individual – as well as human! XX

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    1. Thank you, Ogden. Nike’s slogan of, “Just Do It”, just doesn’t do it for me. The Nike Corporation has indulged in manufacturing practices that are offensive and stain global humanitarian efforts for all peoples. Keep on being an individual, and of course stay human! 🙂 💖

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  3. Clothing made in the USA is a bit of a hunt. I don’t mind paying more. I have a new leather belt, but can I worry about the life the cow had? Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Irony dept: at the nearest Army PX they were selling baseball hats with military info like veteran, Vietnam Vet or retired etc. I bought one, brought it home, looked at the little label: “Made in Vietnam”! Speechless! The vendor is gone now from there, but I still got the hat!

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  4. If only more people paid attention. But then again, maybe they don’t really want to know. ‘Save money, live better…’ shop at (you know where). Nike is one of a long list of exploiters I’m afraid. I’ve never been a fan. Thank you for the reminder, Mia! ❤️

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  5. Ah, Nike, the leader of the ad campaign. On one hand, the company with a social consciousness. On the other, hider of shady manufacturing practices. Perhaps the true corporate yin/yang. Have a great week, Mia. -Chris

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    1. Thank you, Mr. Cake. No, Nike’s tagline is “Just do it”. Those lines are actually mine, although I can reconcile taking credit for “stay hungry”, it so reminds me of the movie, Stay Hungry with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Everything succumbs to the yin and the yang. Btw, I love what you and Holly have created, I’ll be back later this evening or in the morning to visit you both.

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      1. I thought they were yours, just wondered if you were subverting the advertising. Excellent writing with a message. All the multi-nationals are sinister in spite of their shiny surfaces. I look forward to your visit, as always.

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          1. Thanks Miss Cranes…pure subversion is hard to achieve these days as it is factored in and accommodated by the controlling authorities and algorithms (just because you are paranoid…).


        1. Thank you JGC, for taking notice of my intent, I really appreciate it. As with so many things few are hits. I think this ended up being an exercise in making readers/thinkers uncomfortable, especially if they own Nike merch and didn’t bother with the idea that all things are yin and yang. It’s a sad world when the mentality is, “it doesn’t affect me”. Righty-o, off to create my next very offensive post! Laughing as I say, kidding, not kidding, kidding!

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          1. It reminds me of the line from a song I listened to maybe too much, it goes, ‘Here comes the future, You can’t run from it, If you’ve got a black list, I want to be on it’ – neat, just like your post. Have a great Thursday ~ Doc JGC

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