The Alligator People — Film Still 1959



Heil. Heil! Herr Alligator! Look at you
and your accumulation of pretty:
all shiny trinkets, sparkling bobbles dressed
in disguise as flesh and bone. Your coos, woos,
escape a deceitful craggy mouthed grin
speaking in sanctimonious tongues, lips
smack: plenitude of servitude. You’re green’s
envy, ego and duality, eyes
slits of gold truth, yet — the rest — lies, lies, lies.
You goose-step in treacherous unison,
two by two, zwei mal zwei, four feet do that
as your arresting heart quips telltale beats,
got-cha, got-cha. Achoo, shoo-shoo, I’m through
with you, you’re best suited tanned and hard-pressed
as some forlorn baggage or lone lost shoe.


Copyright © 2018 Mia Pharaoh. All rights reserved.



38 thoughts on “Gesundheit

    1. Hi Tim, thank you. The still is terrific, the film however is questionable. I couldn’t remember if I had every watched it so I started watching it last night, I managed to get to about the halfway mark, maybe tonight I’ll find out how it ends.

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      1. I’m sure if you are in the right mindset the film would be fun to watch. I’m not sure my ADHD would let me get through it, however. Even stuck on a plane for 11 hours from Paris to San Francisco, I only got through three movies. I started a dozen or so movies and couldn’t deal with them, and turned them off before I found the three that were tolerable.

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        1. Maybe that’s just it Tim, “tolerable”. The Alligator People, may only be tolerable in small doses. I will say the music is great and the film itself is great for what it is, late 50’s Sci-fi, and out of fairness I’m probably not the best critic because I get bored very easily. That makes for a really long flight with only three movies. Glad you survived the flight!

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          1. Three movies and a bunch of start to movies. All those bits of movies did help pass the time. I got a great deal on the return flight by going to San Fran, but it was really long. Fortunately, there were no unruly passengers or service animals on the flight. The flight from San Fran to Albuquerque was very exciting with the plane getting bounced all over the sky by thunderstorms.

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  1. It means ‘two times two’ – I should have worked that out. I had to check it on ‘translate’. Reading back it’s clear. Would have fallen into place for most people. An aggressive fly just landed on my hand. Odd. It doesn’t matter because I’ve just read words that don’t know defeat. Words of protest. Words of power. Lyrical. Words not just what I hear when I read. Quality. Brilliant, Mia.

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      1. That’s a good point, PM. You have me thinking, ‘is there any such thing as victory when victory depends on the defeat on something, someone or multiples thereof. I need to think some more. Hoping all is good ~JGC

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  2. Bless you Mia!
    To your good health.
    True story, I bought a new
    belt last week made from
    Alt-Right Crocodile skin,
    and being surrounded by Vegans
    I was wondering, should I be
    feeling guilty, or something.
    Thanks Mia, your wonderful
    prose answered that question.

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      1. Ok as long as they are baptised apparently!

        Cynocephali also figure in medieval Christian world-views. A legend that placed St. Andrew and St. Bartholomew among the Parthians presented the case of “Abominable”, the citizen of the “city of cannibals… whose face was like unto that of a dog.” After receiving baptism, however, he was released from his doggish aspect.[7]

        🙂 💗

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  3. I’ve already said so much about this piece and I’m just going to add that I absolutely adore it. It was so many days in the making and I was waiting to see it here. I just saw it and I’m glad you posted it dear Mia.

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    1. Hi Randall, thank you. I’m really pleased that the humor came across, just maybe it sweetens the unpleasant enough to be looked at. I hope all is well in your world. Wishing you a lovely end to your weekend and a wonderful week ahead. ~ Mia


      1. My first read through, it read like a horror story, but in the following reads your defiance turned him into a caricature ~ and the photo with your gesundheit title, perfect. Incredibly well put together. Take care, Mia, and enjoy the week ahead.

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  4. The caption for the photo to me cries out: “Kiss me, Baby!” I don’t think I would trust that gator at all! In fact, if he had a fedora and white shoes, I’m sure I know the guy! Very imaginitive illustration of the gator’s looks and personality. Glad to see you “at work” again! Have a good Sunday afternoon!

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    1. Hi Greg, you had me laughing, “…if he had a fedora and white shoes, I’m sure I know the guy!” I thought the image was perfect, and thank you, yes, “at work”. Likewise, wishing you and the kitties a good Sunday afternoon and evening! Thanks again for your kind words.

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        1. I so agree, Meg, breaks are most needed to recharge. I’m pleased to read all is well. I’ve never known a season yet that doesn’t have it’s ups and downs. The plus of that (I tell myself it’s a plus) is the inspiration it undoubtedly provides. 💗

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