A Freeze Dried Empire

To Activate: Soak Nine Months — Photograph by Mia Pharaoh


A Freeze Dried Empire
10 Words Only

I wonder how Bradbury or Wells would write this story.



60 thoughts on “A Freeze Dried Empire

  1. That’s an interesting question. Time machines, islands of hybrids with illustrated men populating dystopian, waring worlds? Oh! Wait! Didn’t they already tell us what we’d get? As long as soaking the freeze dried empire another nine months doesn’t result in the “The Birth of a Nation!”

    Your photo is a great find. I love how it’s worded with “Count / Contents” followed by “One (1) Timepiece” instead of “One / Timepiece”. I find wording that has a written number followed with the Arabic numeral in parentheses interesting. As if a person who couldn’t understand the number written as a word, would be able to understand that rest of the verbiage.

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    1. Hi Tim, laughing, I thought that was the premise of a Universal Future, “The Birth of a Nation”. I’m a little concerned about the potential for hive mentality. Oh wait, that’s right we’ve got that here on Earth now, Pokémon Go.

      Thank you, I’m really thrilled that you like the photo. The wording is what attracted me to the box in the first place, it reads so odd my mind found so many stories, plus as you mentioned “they” weren’t even consistent with the verbiage. It should have been “One / Timepiece”, maybe the (1) was just in case, in case of something (?). I just now turned the box over to see where it was made, oh!

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  2. I have always been fascinated by the concept of time and our perception of it. Your post gets my imagination going. Always nice to see your posts but you do leave me thirsty Mia. Happy Thursday (tomorrow for me) Mia ♥♥♥ P.S. You do know your name has a meaning in Spanish, right? 😉

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    1. Hi Hector, me too. Time is so mysterious and how it affects our lives. We seem to be timekeepers in a sense, collecting moments and memories. I’m happy to read that your imagination is going. I hope your having a wonderful Thursday. I had to look it up. 😉 💗

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  3. Hi Mia
    Though I commented before but maybe I didn’t hit the send button, sorry. I mentioned about my fascination with the concept of time and our human notion of what time is. Have a wonderful Thursday Mia ♥

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  4. I love the puzzle in your posts. The photo seems to be about a time piece, but when I click on it the tab says centrifuge which is all about separating things. Then I started wondering about time and whether it is real or not and how we “count” the moments (one at a time?..). My guess is Bradbury and Wells could have some fun with this. Great job, Mia. -Chris

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    1. Thanks, Chris. It is a puzzle, kind of like Where’s Waldo. The idea with the centrifuge is the spinning down of our essential elements, the chemical composition is the same for everyone, raw materials that is. Then I continued to play with that same idea, only looking at reconstitution. We are timekeepers, we collect moments and memories, we document them and save them, even hold some of them close to our heart. I think you’re right, Bradbury and Wells would have done something fun and wonderful with this. Thank you for your terrific words and thoughts. Please enjoy the rest of your day. ~ Mia

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    1. Mr. Cake, that’s the scary thing, I don’t know. Are they one in the same at times? I’m at the point where, if someone can think it up, it can be thought into existence. Science/man has produced some remarkable things, some less than remarkable things, some frightening things, and some unthinkable things because someone thought it could be done. So here’s this question, just because it can be done, should it?

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  5. We should not take tenshions about past.with passing time;many empires has been dried n freezed bt inspire too us for its some specialties.i can understand ur A FREEZE DRIED EMPIRE.wonderful expressions in few words,dear mia.not comparison of u.happy weekend,my dear friend.

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    1. Dear Ryan, it’s always a great pleasure to see you here. Thank you for your lovely words, they always make me smile. I hope that you had a terrific weekend, wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ~ Mia 🙂

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  6. I am fascinated by this concept Mia! While I love Wells and Bradbury, I would be interested to see how contemporary writer and director Christopher Nolan would handle this subject as well. Time is the lead character in many of his films including two of my favorites “Memento” and “Inception” and his latest “Dunkirk.” You writing is always thought provoking! Have a wonderful week! – Lola 🙂💗

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    1. Lola, thank you, your comment has my mind spinning in a good way. Christopher Nolan would do something remarkable without a doubt. I just recently re-watched “Memento”. His films have a dark mystique about them and always captivate me completely. I haven’t seen “Dunkirk” yet, looking forward to it. As a kick I should send Nolan a tear sheet. 😉 Have a wonderful week too! ~ Mia 💗

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          1. Well, first of all, I wasn’t quite sober, second of all it DID remind me of a gummy worm. So there’s that. It did not taste like a gummy worm. But, I have taken it as a teachable moment, Mia. 😉

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          2. Rob you know we always tease the ones we like. I was teasing you, but… if I had been there I would have preventing you from the chew. A teachable moment indeed. Here’s to the worm! Is you day almost over and you can enjoy your pool?

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          3. So, what you’re really saying is that it’s your fault that I chewed on the worm? 😉 And yes, we tease and invite teasing from those we like. ❤ My day is halfway over, and I'll be retreating poolside soon thereafter. Sans worm.

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          4. Sure, I’ll take the blame no problem, just remember you now owe me one. 😉 Lucky you, it’s so hot here, poolside sounds delightful. If I start now, like The Swimmer, maybe I can make it to your pool by next summer. 🙂

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          5. He was sort of messed up to begin with, you know the entire midlife crisis thing. Oh, oh, oh! Can you even imagine that I can’t go up front with the pilots? I would feel so much better about flying if I could be in charge.


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