Photography by Magdalena Lutek


10 Words Only

Knowingly, you played me like a fiddle.  I was Rome.


“I desire the things that will destroy me in the end.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath   

alt-J (∆) – “Breezeblocks”                                                                 Vice             Eclipse


59 thoughts on “Soot

          1. In a sense we could say, yes. There’s much speculation about The Great Fire of Rome, just as there is about Nero’s true intentions. Ultimately the Roman Senate ruled that Nero chose how he should take his own life, hence, “Nero has given himself the final thumbs up”, because he did it his way, kind of, he imposed on his secretary to take his life!

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          2. Indeed, Hitler felt the same. He threw one humdinger of a party. I believe Lee Miller captured some of the aftermath. Then she washed his filth off in one of his tubs, and if I remember correctly slept in one of his beds, or one of the beds in the building, very Goldilocks like.

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    1. Thank you Randall. I may have shared with you that I love these, “10 Words Only”. It is such a neat opportunity to explore the multiple meanings of words in the context of a structured sentence. *Laughing* I will spend a ridiculous amount of time with 10 words, maybe I’m in love with the process. 🙂

      Sylvia, sheer brilliance!

      Desires seem to be a sort of invisible magnet. “One of the great mysteries of life is how often…”, so true! Desires are always there tempting our faith and fate. I believe that none of us are immune to this. 😉

      Have a marvelous week Randall, please take good care. ~ Mia


      1. I love the way you think about and use words ~ words often intimidate me because of their flexibility. The “10 words only” seems perfect for you. Keep following your faith and desire ~ wish you a great week ahead Mia. Take care…

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    1. Grazie Soul. I knew for sure you would understand the direction that I was going with my intent. The history of Rome, its Emperors and the role that Christianity played, just to mention a few things, are so fascinating and important in many ways. I love you, Mia ❤

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      1. Americans are fascinated by the history of Rome give an example almost all US states have their (motto) watchword in Latin.
        Such as ( E pluribus unum ) is the original national motto of the United States of America.
        And also we Italians are fascinated by the United States of America a great country.
        A shared love, kisses and love for you from Rome ❤


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  1. Mia, brilliant. Absolutely perfect. From the photo, to the one-liner, to the music video (and what an awesome one). The entire piece marries together perfectly.
    You know, this may be about Rome and all, but I would dare to say that it’s a global problem. Don’t ya think? 😉 We humans never seem to get it right, nor better. We keep trying, but never get there. To tell you the truth, I really don’t understand how people think that one day, there will be peace and harmony in the world. I don’t buy it. I will never be a believer in humanism. That we will somehow evolve into some well-rounded perfect being that scores a 10 at conflict-resolution. Not to mention all the other problems that arise from our selfishness and broken nature. (Hope I’m not sounding like a downer here 😉 ).
    It’s so great to be back here and to read your ‘make you think’ posts.
    Have a lovely afternoon and evening Mia. I’ll be by again this week to read a couple other of your most recent posts.
    Take care. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Staci, you’re spot on. Oh yes, this effort definitely has multiple meanings, from the personal to the “global”, quoting you. History serves us well as a historian, we continue to repeat the same mistakes, if not make them worse and even more deplorable.

      Perfectly stated, so true, “I don’t buy it. I will never be a believer in humanism. That we will somehow evolve into some well-rounded perfect being that scores a 10 at conflict-resolution. Not to mention all the other problems that arise from our selfishness and broken nature.”

      I know I’ve share with you that many may find me to be a fatalist, not true, a realist. Let’s face it, all you have to do is look around.

      I’m really delighted that you knew exactly where I was going with this post. The video is really well done, while it may be a bit provocative, I believe it delivers a strong message. The more we attempt to control the less we actually do.

      Thank you sharing a fabulous comment filled with wonderful insight, I agree wholeheartedly. It may be fair to say, we’re a challenged group. 😉

      As I mentioned earlier, I’m looking forward to your return. It’s always lovely to see you here. I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday, enjoy! Take good care. ~ Mia 🙂 ❤

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      1. Hi Mia, thank you so much for such a great response to my comment. I like how you mention that many find you to be a fatalist. Hahaha. I don’t think so at all. You just say it as it is. Reality. People like to escape from reality, so when it’s thrown in their face, they accuse of fatalism. Hmmmm.
        And yes, you said it perfectly, “all you have to do is look around.”
        Oh yes, that video is great. Very creative, and well done.
        HAHAHAHAHA (all in caps lock) at ‘It may be fair to say, we’re a challenged group. Yes, to say the least. 🙂
        I have decide not to go to France. I was invited to go with a team and speak/teach to a group of women there. As much as I would love to go to France, my life is just too full right now. Plus I’d have to pay for my own plane ticket. Ugh. I already have to pay for four plane tickets to Canada and Peru. Plus we’re moving into a different house (happy dance), and we need to do some fixing up first.
        Have a wonderful week Mia, and please take good care.
        🙂 ❤

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        1. Staci, you’re welcome and thank you for a lovely reply. Ha-ha, if reality equals fatalism, so be it. I would rather not close my eyes to the facts around me. 🙂

          No France, understandable about the expense. Wonderful to read that all of you are going to Canada, and I didn’t know about Peru. This sounds like quite the trip. Good luck with the move. Your plate does sound pretty full, all good stuff!

          Thank you, wishing you a wonderful week too! Please take care. 🙂 ❤

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          1. Mia, oh yes, we are going to Peru after Canada. We will producing a documentary. Actually, it’s more my hubby, but I will be involved.
            I can’t wait to move. I believe I told you before that I live in community. Meaning, I live with many people in the same place. Our apartment is in the hub of it all, right across from the dining hall. The house we have been offered is on the other side, and heck, it’s a house. Nobody on top of me, nobody right beside me. I don’t like noise at night. It makes me anxious. So a house will be sooooo good. Thanks for the well wishes with the move.
            Take care Mia, and have a wonderful day.
            🙂 ❤

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          2. Yes, we can take possession of it as of today. We have a month to move everything from there to here and our stuff to there. Before we will do a little renovation though.
            Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend Mia.
            🙂 ❤

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