Paramore’s Canary

Photography by Rimel Neffati


Paramore’s Canary

Memories pass,

While candlelit shadows
Glide towards Hyde Park.
Under and over brambles
A deep swallow;
of tangle-wood,
The Dead Forest.

Vows of the search,
I do, I do  {{{echoes}}}
Reach for black light:
The dark side of the mirror.
Plugs of lead lie;
Forever, reclined.

Scents of pink, pale
While lips still, entice;
Rancid the taste:
Matters of grey, decay.
Sounds crushed
By Velvet’s wait;
Fervent for touch,
Decamped eyes.


“Each arrow you shoot off carries its own target into the decidedly secret tangle”
— Paul Celan, Glottal Stop                                                                           Complicated 

alt-J — “Hunger Of The Pine”


79 thoughts on “Paramore’s Canary

        1. Hmm…I agree mystery is part of the fun. It is interesting that you brought this up Michael, because I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. I keep hearing Paloma Faith singing, “Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?” 😉

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          1. …and with that, the mystery continues to build. 🙂 This is an intriguing question. Perhaps in time, beauty can be released from within the truth. I am an optimistic dreamer :-*

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    1. Rob, thank you! It is rather dark. 😉 I do like David Lynch, funny you should mention that, I just watched, “Mulholland Drive” for the third time about a week or so ago. I hope your week is off to a good start. ~ Mia


  1. It’s dark…leaves me struggling to find the right words to express how much I appreciate this post! What an amazing writer you are…there’s so much I have yet to learn from people like you ^_^

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  2. I came back a little earlier to avoid traffic, honestly I miss your post and talk a bit with you … you’re beautiful as the picture of R.Neffati which I love. ❤
    P.S. you're cool too that the sun of California beats bad
    that's because the cars they do not rust ahahahah.
    Take care dear

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    1. Grazie! Welcome home, was the heat waiting for you? You know that I missed you while you were away. Today the temperature is already creeping up there, it should be another hot one. No, the cars don’t rust here, and we have a lot of them, as I’m sure you do too! Hopefully your evening will be cool and cool. 😉 Take good care, Much love, Mia ❤

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  3. Even I missed you in effects have been away for two weeks at the end I had jotted down the right post to leave my regards.

    However now I’m here and it’s very nice to start again our adventure on the blog.

    Here it’s always hot in Rome no respite returning to California I know is renowned because there is always sunshine and good weather little rain so less rust cars but had to laugh is not important.

    The important thing is that you’ve found with your beautiful post with the affection and friendship of all time.

    Love to you ❤


    1. Has it been two weeks? Cheers to a new adventure, I’m so pleased that you are here.

      Every once in a while you will see a very old car, beat to shit, that’s quite rusty, but this is rare. 🙂 There was very little June Gloom this year so it has been especially hot with no overcast. It is much cooler the closer you get to the ocean. Are you cooking eggs again? 😉

      Likewise, always much affection, friendship, and love for you Soul. Mia ❤

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      1. Yes, I am missing for nearly two weeks from late July to yesterday virtually since my last post in July, I had mentioned to you that I went a little to the sea.

        I’m cooking the eggs are boiled beautiful warm weather that is these days here in Rome ahaha.

        Poor we’ll roast if it continues so blessed are those who holiday on Pluto ahaha.

        For you too much affection, friendship and love are really big special Mia.
        I wish you an excellent Tuesday perhaps with some cool and chill brrrr hello dear ❤

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        1. Dear Soul,

          Always delighted to see your words, thank you.

          Ready the Stargate for a trip to Pluto! No eggs allowed! Ha-ha! It’s still hot now, at 6 pm, no breeze, tomorrow will be cooler (I hope).

          Thank you for the kind greetings. Wishing you a cooler Wednesday. Always love, affection and friendship, Mia ❤

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          1. I wish it were true I do not see
            the time to leave for so far only a one-way ticket
            ok no eggs just a nice helmet and sunglasses hahaha. 🙂 🙂

            Thanks to you for the availability to dialogue a little and beautiful friendship.
            I wish you all the best dearest Mia
            Love to you ❤

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          2. Ha-ha, “one-way ticket”. Helmet, sunglasses and a cape. Here’s to dialogue and a beautiful friendship! Soul, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, with my wishes of all the best for you, along with some cooler weather. Much love for you, Mia ❤


    1. Truly, indeed a bit grim. It’s interesting sometimes I’m never entirely sure where the words will lead me. I happen to be fond of “Autumn”. Economy, yes thank you, I was back and forth, writing, rewriting, back spacing, ha-ha! I don’t know, but it may be a bit jarring by now, it’s been dissected in the lab so many times over the last few weeks. Even Mary Shelley would be proud of me in that regard. Wishing you a wonderful week Mr. Cake.
      ~ Miss Cranes


  4. It’s a wonderfully written poem. Dark and a lot about death, from the dead forest to “plugs of lead” and “forever reclined,” not to mention the last verse altogether. Wanting to have that passion, to kiss, but the person is dead. “Rancid” and “decamped eyes”.

    Hauntingly sad. I keep reading it and feel such regret in the poem and hurt.

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    1. Dear Mandi, you really understood my intent here, thank you, truly. I think most picked up on the dark nature of the poem, but you got to the heart of it, paraphrasing you, “the sadness, regret and hurt”. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and kind words with me. Please enjoy the rest of your Monday. ~ Mia

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    1. Thank you Andrew, I seem to be at odd ends of the spectrum, sleazy humor or dark and darker, ha-ha! 🙂 I have managed to write one pretty love poem, but not for here, only one mind you. 😉

      Wishing you well, have a good one too! ~ Mia


        1. Good, I love puzzles too. Mr. Cake let me attempt to make this brief, and see if it reads differently. Remember puzzle, how I tag the posts are important too! This is a poem about sitting Shiva, seven days, candles, shrouded mirrors are all part of that. Paramore’s Canary, a canary is a sentinel. The image is of a woman, a warrior in a sense, the lyrics of the song reference this, the title is important too, “Hunger of the Pine”, as in pining for someone. Arrows are significant here in the quote and video, having meaning in reference to love and the heart. This is about the untimely death of a love, and trying unsuccessful to get to the dark side of the mirror to be with that one love. I hope this helps with the mystery.

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  5. One must master the art of reading clues and symbols to grasp the beauty of your poetry. I am always enamored with the beautiful puzzles that you craft with words, images and music.

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  6. I have been to Hyde Park. Funny for you to say tangle-wood, because when I was in that region, I went to see the Boston Pops at Tanglewood. The strange difference to my experience, is that I spent a lot of time under a blanket, instead of under brambles. Great to see, more of your prose.

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    1. Hey Ted! That is a neat coincidence, glad you were under blankets, brambles are not that comfortable! 😉 Thank you for your kind words, it’s always a delight for me to see you here. Wishing you a creative and inspirational Wednesday. Take care. ~ Mia 🙂

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  7. You have a knack of engulfing me sip by sip with every post of yours Mia.

    ‘Paramore’s Canary’ is very feverish; if only it can convey wat I mean…Correct me if m mistaking it, this has very Buk’s like flavor to it….I love that 🙂

    U r an immensely potent poetess Mia and U know it, admire reading u……keep doing it 🙂

    “Hunger Of The Pine” is powerful …m glad I listened it right after this poem….cuisined

    Stay always blessed and Happy…keep smiling

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    1. Thank you Saaransh for such lovely words, you’re far too kind. I’m so pleased that you listened to “Hunger Of The Pine”, alt-J has such an interesting sound. Stay blessed as well, have a wonderful weekend too. Take good care. ~ Mia 🙂

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  8. Hey, we are actually both awake at the same time. Lord, it is 6 am where you are… Sittin’ here tryin’ not to act upon bad instincts. I started lookin’ for a new acoustic. Hey if you see my new video today, tell me, what ya think. Like sound quality. Some folks have said it is really clear. That is because no effects whatsoever. I ask the question, should my recordings just be the straight poop, no effects pure live in the room. Fighting sleep, thinkin soda pop.

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      1. I actually realized that I needed a good meal. So I fixed chicken cutlets in oil with onion, oregano, and seasoned salt. Did have a soda. I have a relaxed day. This coming near the end of it. Realizing , that people’s triumphs are made out of the worst life experiences, how far one ricochets from despair to goodness. Easy to point out when someone is well, not knowing the pitfall they just got out of… Love the idea that the press has a symbiotic relationship with the stars. The press needs them to make the $, build them up, tear them down, but without the Stars, they are nothing. So strange when you see young fellows, goofing up, by wanting to be rock stars. Ah well…his mind wanders…


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