Right Where It Belongs  by Mukti Echwantono


10 Words Only

I’m a silent voice in the roar of the absurd.


“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”
― Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays      Solitude

The Dead Weather – “Impossible Winner”


56 thoughts on “Sidewinder

    1. Tosha, thank you so much for your kind words, I’ve been there, just quiet, recharging my batteries. 😉 I hope that you’re having a wonderful Friday, please have a pleasant evening and enjoy your weekend. ~ Mia ❤

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    1. Thank you Alan. True, sometimes the mob takes on the voice of the loudest idiot, drowning out the voice of reason! Ha-ha! Just having fun, but maybe a little bit true as you say! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, please be well. ~ Mia

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  1. You silent? Must be fiction. 😉 The quote reminds me of something I heard about fish once. Evidently in a school of fish, each fish has so many centimeters surrounding which is their space while swimming in a school. Should a fish violate that space code and move into another’s space the rest of the school of fish will attack it. Great match of photo and video. I’m always impressed with your selections. Hope you’re having a pleasant evening. *Hugs* ❤

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    1. Really, ha-ha! Thank you for sharing that, it’s very interesting. I guess fish don’t like their space invaded either. It seems if you watch or take notice, you will see a lot of traits that all living creatures seem to have in common. Thank you for all of your kind words, always so gracious. I am, please enjoy the rest of your evening. *Hugs* ❤

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    1. Staci, thank you so much for the encouragement to use it! 🙂 The quote is powerful, it reminds me so much of riot mentality, which is really scary. I see that you have posted, yay, I am looking forward to visiting. Like you, I like to spend my time with your posts. I will see you in the morning! Thank you again, wishing you the same, have a great weekend with your family. ~ Mia ❤

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      1. Mia, I’m so sorry for delaying so long in replying. Usually on the weekend I take a bit of a break, and this weekend especially. I have been trying to stay off of my foot and my husband was out of town. I was alone with the kids and a water pipe bursted right above my place. When I woke up in the morning, there was a flood in my son’s room. Thankfully I live in a community environment and was able to contact people here that helped me clean it all up. I was so blah, just sitting around all weekend. I am sooooooooo ready to be off crutches and out of this boot. Haha.
        Anyhow, yes it is a powerful quote. Riot’s can be pretty scary actually. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in one.
        I hope you had a lovely weekend.
        🙂 ❤

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        1. Staci, please don’t give it a thought. I hope you were able rest your foot, but it sounds like, NOT. Isn’t that the way things always seem to go, the unexpected problems come in clusters. I’m pleased to hear that you had help cleaning up the flood. Just a couple more days before you see the doctor, right? My thoughts are with you.

          Riots, now that’s insanity, very scary! I did have a lovely weekend thank you. Quiet compared to yours. Please have a marvelous week. 🙂 ❤

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  2. beautiful thought, and so well supplemented by the iconic quote by B.R. And a meaningful silence is so much better than the cacophony of absurd. I hope you are having a rejuvenating weekend. 🙂

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    1. Nitin, thank you for your kindness and lovely words. Agreed, sometimes silence speaks volumes. Likewise, wishing you the same and enjoy the new week as it approaches. ~ Mia

      P.S. I seem to still be having some difficulty with your site, I leave comments, but I don’t know if they reach you. Please know that I’m always greatly moved by your writing. Quite often your words touch my heart, your ability to convey emotions and tell a story is remarkable, this makes reading your words always a pleasure.

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      1. Thanks Mia for saying that. And the feeling is likewise 🙂

        Yes, I guess there are still some issues with the blog. There is no confirmation once anyone replies me using notification drop down.

        I checked, and found one of your comment was in the spam queue. Which has happened with others too. As I have approved it now it should not happen again..thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

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        1. Nitin, please know that responding to my comments is lovely and very kind, my hope was rather to let you know how much I appreciate your talent and written offerings. Wishing you well as you continue to embrace the challenges of WordPress. 🙂

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          1. I’m really lucky to have met people like you Mia. (I really mean it) Even in these words here, I can feel the warmth and friendliness that is rare in this world. So thank you for your wishes, again. Have a great day today. 🙂

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  3. In my experience it is usually the silent voice that has the most valuable things to say… I love the constraint and need for precise word choice when writing senryu and you are doing the same thing here, Mia…with true mastery.
    You. Are. Amazing.
    And such a pleasure to read.

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    1. Agreed, my world is one of just that, quite introspective and often silent. Funny you should mention that, I really like the constraints that I place on myself in these efforts. I find it forces me to work within a very confined area, which of course is a challenge and that’s a good thing. Thank you Ryan, for such lovely and kind words, I always appreciate your thoughts. Likewise, You. Are. Amazing. I don’t think I can ever tell you enough what a pleasure it is to read your poetry. Please enjoy the new week. ~ Mia

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  4. Una citazione stupenda come te cara Mia 🙂 There are so many questions. especially why does the silent voice thinks of itself poisonous. Do the burdens of the perplexed thoughts weigh the speaker down? Dark tears of loneliness of the woman resemble the darkness the soul is resting upon.

    Ciao bellissima! ❤ ❤
    ~ Dajena

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    1. Dajena, thank you. You’re very intuitive, at least when it comes to me. So I will be serious and not silly.

      When you dare to say things others don’t like or don’t want to hear, you become the poison that you warn about. The burdens that should be shared by everyone are not, so they fall back on you. I think that oftentimes the voices of the sane and rational are drowned out by the dangerous arrogance of the criminals in charge while claiming ignorance, thus making everything absurd. That’s just my opinion. Ask me, have the criminals been put behind bars? No.

      That’s why the dark tears flow. This is very personal for me and extremely close to my heart.

      Always much love,
      Mia ❤

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      1. I hear you loud and clear.I have heard that I might end up alone if I always say what I think so openly like I do. I am not surprised to read that this is close to your heart, for you inspire me each time with your dares.
        Much love right back at you!!
        ❤ ❤ Dajena

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        1. Dajena, thank you for a lovely reply, one that make me feel not so alone. Delighted to be of some inspiration, “dares”, you say, hmm, now I’m wondering what you have on your mind, *smiles*.

          One of my favorite quotes, I think of it daily,

          “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
          — Kurt Cobain

          Sending so much love to you,
          Mia ❤

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          1. I really like this quote. Thank you for sharing with me Mia. I have bookmarked it in my memory now 🙂
            Love received and reciprocated!
            ❤ Dajena

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