Serendipità Ksenija Spanec



Flesh unlike thistle
Naked feet, a field of thorns
Charting withered pangs
Bearing memories’ crosses
Wiping brows — with heart stained sleeves


“Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.”     Help Nerve Fearless
— Voltaire


50 thoughts on “Incensed

  1. True, life is full of thorns, but luckily there are special friends like you.
    A great post that suits the moment,
    I wish you well with so much love and serenity. Take care dear my best wishes for a great weekend and good Friday. ❤


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    1. Thank you for such lovely and generous words, from my very wonderful friend. Ah, I believe if there were no thorns, we could never partake in the sweetness of the heart. At times this is most bittersweet, but that is the life of an artist, or one that truly appreciates art deeply. I’m sending wishes of love and many moments of serenity your way as well. Please take good care of yourself, I think of you often and wonder what Rome would really be like. I think perhaps I would feel as if I died and had gone to art heaven on earth, ha-ha! Please have a beautiful evening and enjoyable weekend. ~ Mia ❤

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      1. Of course, there are the thorns of life and the good times, like right now that dialogue with you.
        Here in Rome you would be wrapped art
        in every way 🙂
        I hope one day you can visit it in the meantime I send you lots of love and friendship,
        I hope that my English is acceptable enough 🙂
        Much LOVE!


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        1. Your English is marvelous! True, most definitely thorns, it’s the pleasures you find when you’re not looking for them, as in our conversation, it’s just a happening, magic! 🙂 I suppose we all have our place and purpose in this crazy world, you in Rome and me here. I’m grateful to have been exposed to so much beautiful art at a young age, that it’s just part of my nature. Yes, here’s to Rome one day! Soul, you are such a delight, for you much, much friendship and love!
          ~ Mia ❤

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  2. Mia, this post reminds me of something I heard in a ‘House’ episode, “Life is pain”. After I heard him say that, I was like “Yes, so true”. I guess we have our ups and downs. And House really didn’t have a lot of hope. I think I have a lot more hope than him. For me, this world, or my time in it, is like a thorough fare. Just passing through. Haha. I believe the book of Ecclesiastes that says, “However many years anyone may live, let them enjoy them all. But let them remember the days of darkness, for there will be many.”
    Hope you are doing well Mia, and that you have a great weekend. I still want to read your last post. I had opened up to it, but then got too busy to take the time to thoroughly digest it. Haha. I don’t just want to take a quick read, and that’s it. I noticed though, the video and am interested in watching it. I don’t know if you know this or not, but my husband is a filmmaker.
    Anyhow, have a great Easter weekend. Don’t eat too much chocolate. Haha.

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    1. Staci, “House”, what a perfect example, yet I think somehow his gift was to find his own twisted delight and happiness buried deep within his self-inflicted pain. I suppose we can say he knew some universal secret, however tragic to watch unfold. The mind is a marvelous thing, there is much to see and feel when we’re ready, don’t you think? I read the quote you graciously shared and immediately got the chills, followed by goosebumps. For those that don’t feel the pain that life offers, sadly they may they never know the true feelings associate with the simple pleasures in life. I believe there is a purpose for such things, call them emotions or lessons if you will, there is a far greater purpose than what appears on the surface, that’s just me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and share your ideas and thoughts, it means a great deal to me.

      Thank you I’m pleased to read that you will be returning to the other post, please no rush. I didn’t know your husband was a filmmaker, how lucky for you, I hope great discussions take place regarding films and filmmaking. I imagine he’s familiar with the work of Maya Deren, she was a fairly significant filmmaker in Hollywood. Ha-ha, I was just trying to put together a top 10 list of what I think are some of the best US films made. I wonder what you and your husband would have on your list.

      Thank you, you as well, have a wonderful Easter weekend and eat as much chocolate as you can! 🙂 Take good care! ~ Mia


      1. Hi Mia. So sorry for the delay. My life has been like a hurricane. Hahaha.
        Speaking of House, I watched an episode from the first season (thanks to Netflix) less than a week ago that I thought was phenomenal. This woman was pregnant, but her baby was sick and it was killing her. House kept referring to the baby as the ‘fetus’ because he wanted her to terminate her pregnancy because of the seriousness of her condition. Cuddy wouldn’t allow it though and they ended up doing surgery on the unborn baby. When house reached in to work on the baby, a tiny hand came out from the mother’s womb and touched House’s hand. Then there was this moment, like a pause in time, where House was emotionally touched. You could see it in his face, his eyes. How he was so blatantly confronted with his own beliefs and yet his heart was softened. Once the surgery was over, he referred to the baby as ‘the baby’. I find that phenomenal. How House was so against God and so utterly ‘Atheist’ (actually, I think he was in between atheist and agnostic) and ‘scientific’ in his worldview, but then when the simplicity of a baby’s hand touches him… it was life-changing. House was definitely a funny (for lack of a better word) character. I love the thought that was put into his character.

        I still haven’t gotten to your other post, but I will soon. I promise 🙂

        Yes, my husband is a filmmaker, however he is Brazilian. I’m not sure if he knows of Maya Deren. I’ll have to ask him. He is very sociologically and aware and isn’t into producing films that have no ‘story’ or ‘thought’ put into them. He also teaches on worldview and the seven areas of influence in society, so you can just imagine that his films are far from ‘fluff’. Hahaha.

        Hmmmm, that would interesting to read, your top 10 US films. I will have to think about that. I’m going to ask my husband what he would put.

        Oh, and I did eat way too much chocolate. Hahaha.

        Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.

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        1. Staci, a hurricane. 😉 Please no worries, ever. Thank you for sharing that House episode. I think the writers did a superb job creating his character. What a moving episode it must have been. I know it’s TV, but I think things like this do happen, touching us in unique and unusual ways. The mysteries of why are phenomenal, just that it changes us forever. It’s like a tap on the shoulder from something far greater than the mind can completely comprehend, yet we seem to have a subconscious shift in our thought process.

          Would I have had the opportunity to see any of your husband’s films? That sounds fabulous to be around that type of creativity and social awareness all the time. I bet you have great conversations over the dinner table.

          Here’s my top 10 at this moment without too much consideration and in no particular order:

          The Swimmer
          Five Easy Pieces
          Clockword Orange
          Last Tango in Paris
          Shawshank Redemption
          The Pianist and The Piano (2 for 1)
          Rear Window
          The Deer Hunter

          I realize my list is actually longer, but this is a random quick pick! 😉

          I hope you are enjoying your Friday, please have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for a lovely reply, take good care! ~ Mia 🙂

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          1. Hi Mia, yes I agree that the writers of House did a superb job. I keep watching old episodes on Netflix if it’s night time and I want to wind down before bed. Hahaha.
            My husband’s production company just put his last film out on Youtube actually. If you would like to watch it, you can do so here:

            Here’s the synopsis:
            It’s about a guy named, Beto, a well-respected man in his community, who married a former prostitute named Suzana. After their wedding, wanting to forget Suzana’s past, they move to a small town in the country to rebuild their lives. Soon enough, however a number of events happen that bring Suzana’s past to the surface to torment them, revealing many scars and wounds to be healed which drives Suzana back to the underworld of prostitution. Beto is required to seek to regain an injured person that is socially marked as unworthy of love.
            It’s in Portuguese, but there are English sub-titles.

            There are a number of movies in your list that I haven’t even heard of (or maybe I have, but I just know of their titles in Portuguese. Haha). I will have to see if I can watch them on Netflix.
            I have one specific one that is more of a fluff movie, however I loved it because of the blatant cultural differences between Greek mentality and North American mentality. It’s called, “My Life in Ruins”. Have you heard of it. I don’t think it was very well known.
            Anyhow, I wrote a couple of posts on things that stood out to me through it. If interested at all, you can read them here:

            Hope you’re doing well Mia. Please have an amazing week.

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          2. Hi Staci, I hope all is well with you. I love Netflix, it seems to be running in the background of my life a lot, ha-ha! Thank you for including your husband’s film, I’m looking forward to watching it! This sounds perfect for me, thank you for the synopsis, now I’m even more intrigued

            I’ve never heard of it “My Life in Ruins”, another I will check out, you fluff? Ha-ha! 🙂 Plus I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Thank you for the links!

            All is good here, the weather has been beautiful and the days are getting longer! I hope you’re getting caught up on everything, enjoying yourself and spending sometime creating! Wishing you the very best, please enjoy your week Staci. ~ Mia 🙂


  3. When reading this I couldn’t help but think that Mia’s been working in the garden. At least your thorns have roses. 🙂 I’m always impressed with the photos you find and this was an excellent song choice. Wonderful composition and as always your posts are a treat. Hope your evening continues to inspire. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, you’ve made me smile! Who know I could be like Morticia Addams, dispose of the actual roses and just have a bouquet thorny stems! 😉 I’m delighted that you liked the photograph, I can spend days looking for exactly what I have in mind. I quite sure I’ve shared with you that I’m a huge fan of black and white photography and anything vintage or that has a vintage look and feel. The song did work out pretty well. Thank you for always being so kind, wishing you great inspiration as well this evening, especially as you work on your post. 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. Can you like Morticia speak French? 😉 The care and thought you put into your post shows. I finished tomorrow so now I’m installing some software and visiting all those creative people that visited me today. Hope you have a good weekend and that the heat is not too unbearable. 🙂

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        1. No French here, you? Thank you, very kind of you to say. I hope you know, I think your site is beautiful and the presentations are always impeccable. Have fun with the software and your visits. I will have a good weekend and you too! Laughing, I have fans if need be, ha-ha! 😉

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  4. Wow! Love this, Mia. ‘Heart stained sleeves’ is stunning. You’ve captured so much in so few lines. Without the thorns, how would we recognise and enjoy the roses? You have clearly put so much thought into your word selection-what to put in and what to leave out-and the unsaid speaks volumes, too. Greatly enjoyed, I sit here in awe. Have a wonderful Easter 🙂

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    1. Ryan, so true, otherwise we couldn’t enjoy the roses. Thank you for a most gracious and thoughtful comment. I’m truly delighted to read all of your words and especially, “the unsaid speaks volumes, too”. Thank you, wishing you and yours a lovely Easter as well. Please take good care. ~ Mia

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