Ascension — Artist Candice Bohannon, Mixed Media



Lone cactus flower
You stripped all of fate’s petals
Love me — Love me not
The final petal plucked screamed
With heartbreaking disdain — NOT


“Roses may say “I love you,” but the cactus says “Fuck off.”
― Jarod Kintz, Seriously delirious, but not at all serious     *


28 thoughts on “XO

    1. Thank you Tosha. I’m pleased you enjoyed this effort. I would use “The Kills” all the time, but everyone would get bored, definitely a favorite of mine! I think they’re fabulous to watch when they perform together, so much electricity! Enjoy the rest of your day! ~ Mia

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    1. Anima, grazie. Io amo la parola “Ascensione”. Lo sguardo sulla carta, ciò che significa e naturalmente, soprattutto, come suona! Augurandovi bene, è sempre un piacere avere si visita! Si prega di avere una splendida serata! ~ Mia 🙂

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          1. same to you a good rest of day, here are almost the two at night I go to sleep a little.
            We feel the next with good quiet all my best regards.
            Ciao Mia

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    1. Staci, could be true, right? Ha-ha! I’m pleased that you had a laugh! I’m headed over to visit you today, looking forward to what you have posted! Thank you for the the well wishes, I hope you and your family have a marvelous weekend!
      ~ Mia 🙂

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    1. So true Dajena. I find both sides of that coin are difficult. Often times the “NOT” individual has no idea how hard it is for the other involved. When in reality at times the kindest thing we can do is to let them go. Thank you for sharing, I always love to read your thoughts. ❤ Wishing you and your family a wonderful rest of the day! ~ Mia


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