Subliminal Perception IV  by Elif Sanem Karakoç


It was a hot summer
Try to remember
Fraught with pens, pins and pricks
Of Voodoo and Hoodoo
Spelling and spelling mistakes

As the magic wore off
The sun disappeared
Autumn swaggered in
Bringing its chill
Summer begging for mercy

Sponsors frantic
Time slots to be filled
With a thing-a-ma-jig or two
Nielsen was fasting while sleeping
No rantings or ratings

A season to remember
Impossible to forget
With Fall’s descent
Pieces fell into winter
Beneath a layer of white noise

“What have I eaten? Lies and smiles.”
― Sylvia Plath     *


34 thoughts on “Static

    1. Thank you! You liked “Of Voodoo and Hoodoo”, that 4th line?

      Let me do my best to describe my thoughts captured in stanza three (mostly TV metaphors). It talks about trying to fill your life with something. Sometimes “we” being the “Sponsors” are frantic to do this in order to avoid the emptiness, thus filling “Time slots” with relationships that are doomed to fail. The reference to “a thing-a-ma-jig or two”, establishes the idea of not being particularly picky under the circumstances. Using the Nielsen Ratings to reinforce this idea, suggesting there is no care or discrimination in choice, especially since they were “fasting while sleeping”, again the idea of no thought or consideration in the selection, so “No ranting or ratings” also directed back to Nielsen Ratings. I hope this is similar to what you “kind of” had in mind, please let me know. The word “superficial” is perfect in this instance!

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      1. ah ok, thank you for the explanation. i had no idea what the nielsen ratings were. much deeper than i thought. i understood the use of seasons for emotions/states, since i like to do that too, but was just like “the hell is this?” when i read that stanza. once again, thank you for the information, and yes I liked that line a lot.

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    1. I find the things I desperately want to remember I tend to forget, and the things I want to forget seem to be ever present. Sylvia Plath is a definite favorite of mine. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I so appreciate it. Have a terrific Saturday and Sunday!

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    1. My dearest Soul, thank you so very much. I’m delighted to read your thoughts and I’m pleased that you enjoy the images that I select. Please have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Much love, Mia ❤ xo

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      1. For me it is very nice to come to your blog because I know that I will find several articles from the usual items that involve me, that inspire me 🙂 ❤
        Love, Love, Love …….you are as a muse.

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